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Using a standing desk has been a rising trend as offices start paying more attention to worker health. You might be wondering how standing desks match up to their sit down counterparts. That’s what we’ll be exploring today. We’ll be looking at the great advantages of using a standing desk. 

What Standing Desks Can Do Better

You’ll definitely start facing problems if you have to work for several hours straight. These problems can range from back pain to long term damage and most of it is caused by prolonged sitting. This is where the idea of a standing desks comes in. You’ll be spending more time standing at a standing desk than sitting and it can provide a host of health benefits that you just can’t ignore.

Better Posture

Remember that posture is a key aspect of great health. So it only makes sense to get the furniture that gives you that option. Standard non-adjustable sit down desks can be troublesome to work with when it comes to posture. Since these types of desks promote standing up, which is how people are supposed to be spending most of our time. People using stand up desks can easily relieve the pressure on their back and shoulders simply by doing what we were meant to be doing.

Improve Blood Circulation

When you’re sitting down, you’ll be applying pressure to your blood vessels. Veins, and arteries will be compressed and have a hard time pushing blood to various parts of your body. Over time these blood vessels could end up getting damaged and you’ll have to deal with a host of problems. One of these is varicose veins which are caused by your blood vessels having to over exert themselves too often.  

Minimizes Chronic Pain

This is because these desks are built to satisfy the needs of the masses. People who are outliers like those who are suffering from illnesses or obesity won’t be able to sit comfortably on a sit down desk that isn’t custom made for them. A stand up desk on the other hand can help certain individuals with these types of illnesses, disorders and chronic pain. This is because most, if not all,stand up desks are adjustable and your workers can stand anyway they prefer. 

Standing Desks Increase Productivity

In every office, productivity is king and you’d be hard pressed to find better productivity than with standing desks. Thanks to the previous advantages, your workers will have better overall posture, better blood flow to their brains and less chronic pain to deal with while doing their day to day tasks. This helps them keep productivity high with minimal effort on their part, other than them standing the entire day.

Standing desks were the answer to many of the problems faced by workers and it’s no surprise that many offices are starting to make use of it. FineWal provides a wide assortment of standing desks that you can purchase to help your office workers provide you with their best service. Contact us today and get your office and office workers the standing desks deserve!

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