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Everyone needs to take a break every once in a while. Especially if you’ve been sitting at a cubicle for the entire day. I don’t have that kind of problem as Karl lets me perch wherever I want, whenever I want. Your office workers don’t have that kind of luxury, though, so the best you can do is make their breaks worth it with great breakroom furniture.

Breakroom Furniture and Your Office

Your breakroom furniture is what makes or breaks a great break. A terrible break can lead to your office workers going back to their office chairs in a slump and work less effectively. On the other hand, having the right breakroom furniture in place will let your office workers get back to work relaxed and full of energy! 

Comfortable Seating

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of taking a break is to sit down and have some nice food. Sitting on a tough and grungy seat can be uncomfortable for most and it can be difficult to move around when the seat is too small or short. So your best option is to have your accommodate employees of all shapes and sizes. A little comfort won’t hurt either. 

Sunflower seeds are best eaten when you’ve got a soft and cushy seat under you like the cafe-style chairs we have for sale here at FineWal.  

Great Tables

You can’t have a decently sized meal when you’ve got nowhere to put it. A decently sized table can help you eat in relative comfort. It also lets you hold a proper conversation with friends and co-workers without accidentally dropping your food on the floor. Re-using an office table is a bad idea, however, as these tables were made with work in mind and can be more expensive than your typical cafeteria table.

Fancy Counters

A great alternative to tables is a tall bar counter that gives employees a great breakroom furniture alternative to the run of the mill square or circle cafeteria tables. You can even have appliances like microwaves and coffee makers on them. Counters are great for displaying things as well. Like the next type of breakroom furniture that I absolutely adore. 

Potted Plants and Other Vegetation

Potted plants are a great addition to your breakroom furniture arsenal. These nifty little trees not only add beauty to your breakroom but also has a relaxing effect on people who are around them. It’s a great escape from the concrete jungle of cubicles and filing cabinets that you’re used to. Relaxing, and unwinding while having a nice meal are all the objectives of having a great break room in the first place, so adding a potted plant in there is a great idea to take care of relaxing and unwinding. Eating the plant on the other hand… isn’t a good idea, especially if it’s a cactus. I know, I’ve tried.

Recycling Bins

Let’s take a look at the environment too. Recycling bins in your breakroom are essential to make sure that the break room doesn’t look like a mess. It also helps segregate trash to make things easier to manage when the dump truck comes around. 

Whichever types of break room furniture you end up adding to your break room, remember that everyone at FineWal wants to make great things happen. So come visit us today, or give us a call to build the office of your dreams!

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