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Comfort is something every person craves. When you think of comfort you immediately imagine yourself on your couch with a warm mug of coffee reading your favorite book or watching your favorite show. However, comfort is not just limited to your home. It is important to also keep a comfortable atmosphere in your office. It doesn’t just keep your workers content with their work, but also helps improve productivity and your profits.

Why Office Comfort is a Priority

A comfortable office is something that every workplace should strive for. It doesn’t have to be a bed of roses for your workers but making sure that they’re comfortable can help you in the long run by making their time more productive. Research in 2008 has proven that a comfortable workspace helps improve productivity by an overall 4% to 10%. This is especially true in larger businesses and can easily amount to thousands of dollars worth of productivity gained. But just how do you keep your office a comfortable amidst all of the distractions present? Here’s how:

Minimize Noise

Noise is the number one thing that can reduce the comfort levels in your office.It can decrease productivity by around 27% so it is important to keep it in check. It can easily distract your workers and break their concentration. Noise can come from many different sources like: 

  • Noise creating devices like printers and fax machines
  • General office noise
  • Traffic outside the office

Not all sources of noise can be eliminated but it is important to identify the ones that you can take out of the equation. Printers and fax machines could either be moved to a dedicated area outside of the office or have them replaced with modern silent versions. General office noise can be minimized by enforcing policies to minimize it.

Improve Productivity By Improving Lighting

Staying in a dark office makes it difficult not just to move around but to also get your work done. Experiments done in 2006 supports the fact that lighting plays an integral role in keeping productivity high. It helps your workers properly see what they’re doing and also affects them psychologically by improving their mood. This is especially true when they have windows to let natural light in. If windows in your office are not an option, then opt for LEDs that not only last a very long time but are also brighter than other options.

Manage Temperature and Ventilation

Temperature and ventilation management play an important role in keeping your employees healthy and productive. Dissatisfaction comes from a combination of uncomfortable temperature and bad ventilation. The best way to improve temperature management is to carefully manage the temperature in your office with a thermostat, especially in the most intense of seasons like summer and winter. Ventilation can be easily taken care of by regularly cleaning the office and adding a few office plants. 

Get Great Furniture

Having great furniture in your office is a great boon for any business. Not only does it make your office look better, it also helps your workers concentrate on their work. Ergonomic chairs can easily improve the productivity and health of your employees. New office furniture can better support the heavy objects that will be put on top of them without buckling and breaking under the weight. This assures that your office will have fewer furniture related accidents. 

Contact us today for great office solutions! We even provide custom office furniture built according to your specifications!

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