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Tons of office workers have trouble with their backs as they grow older. Luckily for us at FineWal, Karl is pretty diligent in sitting properly in his office chair and has been fine over the many years that we’ve been open. So to help you all who are struggling with bad posture problems we’ll be exploring just how posture affects you in the office!

Why Posture Matters

You’ve all had those days where you’ve had to sit in an office for eight hours straight and just come home feeling terrible. That might be due to a number of reasons. One of which is terrible posture while working. Slouching here and there might not seem like much but it’ll eventually stack up over time. 

Proper Posture and Your Health

Great posture doesn’t only make you look more attractive to everyone else. It also helps make sure that you stay healthy while you’re working. Sitting at your desk can easily take a toll on your health and not taking the right steps to help yourself can lead to many problems. Your health is the first thing to take a hit whenever you’re slouching at work. 

You’ll experience a number of different problems to your health. Some of them can even be chronic and affect you well into your senior years. Here are just a few of the things that should convince you to start fixing your posture:

Back pain

Let’s go on ahead and get rid of the most common problem. The universal back pain. The pain in your back is caused by your body being in a posture it isn’t supposed to be in in the first place. Bad posture will strain various parts of your body like your joints, muscles and discs. This continued strain will eventually become chronic and may even develop into other problems like arthritis. 

Increased Risk for Chronic Illnesses

You might not even be aware you have bad posture till your back starts hurting. The main thing about it is that it constricts some parts of your body. The nerves in your spine, your veins and arteries and the cushioning of your spine are all at risk. Prolonged bad posture can lead to devastating diseases that can cut your life shorter by several years. Some of these include:

  • Heart diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic back pain
  • Spine misalignment or subluxations

Worse Mood

People’s emotions tend to reflect on their posture. Bad posture might mean you’re having a bad day. But did you know that it can also make you depressed? It’s even been proven that if you’re going through depression, practicing proper posture can help with the feelings of dread and fatigue from your job.

Proper Posture and Office Productivity

Not only is your health at risk but also your productivity in the office. We don’t want our boss getting mad at us for not being able to get that report on his desk at 5pm right? But what if you’re the boss? What then?

If you’re the boss or authority figure in your office, you should do your best to promote good office posture for your workers. Not only does it help make sure that they don’t go home with a sore back, it also helps them get their work done better, and faster. A great way to help your office workers keep proper posture is to first and foremost remind them of how good posture can help them in the long run. Another great way is getting them great ergonomic furniture to use

FineWal can help you get the best office furniture tailored to your needs with just a single call or visit! So what are you waiting for? We’re waiting to make great work possible for you!

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