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Your office furniture is used nearly on a daily basis. Over time your office furniture will degrade after prolonged use. Despite this, many businesses opt to just live with what they’ve got and postpone purchases of brand new furniture. Your office should be functional and pleasing to the eye but noisy chairs, rusty drawers, and rotting wood furniture are very jarring and can easily distract workers from their jobs.

Why You Should Upgrade

You might not be aware of it, but being stingy with office furniture can easily cost you more than just the cost of the furniture. From making it harder to work to causing accidents, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better solution than to get new office furniture .If you aren’t convinced here are a few reasons why you should replace old furniture with new office furniture.

Office Furniture Noise is Distracting Everyone

Noise is a massive distraction that any office would be better without. Not only does noise reduce the wellbeing of office workers but it also affects their productivity. It’s a distraction that can be caused by several things. Faulty furniture being one of them. 

You’re Seeing a Large Influx of Health Issues in Your Workers

Your office workers are an important asset to your business and seeing them with back pain might not be enough to spark interest in new office furniture. However, back pain is the first sign that your workers could start developing health-related issues. This is due to your old and broken down furniture not being able to support their backs and weight anymore.

Your Office Furniture Looks Like It Could Collapse at Any Time

Furniture that looks like it’s barely standing the weight of Joe sitting on it should be up for replacement. Not only do you have to deal with your workers getting affected psychologically but also physically. Office furniture that looks like it’s being held up by the power of duct tape and glue is a health hazard for the office. These pieces of old furniture can end up severely hurting workers. You’re not only going to have to have one worker out of commission, but you might also even have to deal with being sued by the injured worker.

The Cost of Repairing Outweighs New Furniture

Getting brand new furniture is a great way to reduce overall office costs. Mainly because older furniture requires more attention and repairs so that they don’t cause accidents. Another thing to consider is if your workers are starting to use makeshift objects to support desks and computers. Not only is this inconvenient for your workers but it can also cause accidents on their own. For example, replacing the broken foot of a desk with sub-par materials like a block of styrofoam could end in disaster.

Office Productivity is Low

In the end, every office wants to make sure that they’re being as productive as possible. However, with broken-down office furniture, your workers could end up complaining more than working. Their health is also heavily at risk with janky furniture that’s barely standing. They could end up slowly developing health issues like arthritis and constant back pain or even experience crippling accidents. All of these contribute to a terrible office experience and can easily lead to your workforce to output less than ideal results.  

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New Furniture

FineWal works with a large variety of office furniture vendors whose inventories are expansive, allowing us to offer the best selection in finding pieces that accommodate your office, your team and your budget. We work with you to determine your specific office needs, determine a budget, and source our trusted partners to find the ideal solution.

Many Options to Choose From

Traditional office furniture, modern office furniture and everything in between – we can help you create the ideal office environment by working with our many trusted vendors. Contact us or stop by our showroom to see our full list of trusted office furniture vendors.

Create Your Ideal Work Environment

FineWal Office Solutions are experts in creating your ideal office environment. We know that when it comes to buying new office furniture, there are many options to consider, including space planning, functionality, style and budget. Our team of professionals will work with you to find the new office furniture uniquely suited for your work space. Contact us today to learn more.